University of Southern Mississippi Graduate Program – Master’s in Library and Information Science (MLIS) & Archive Certification

University of Southern Mississippi – Bachelor of Arts History Degree

Undergraduate Student & Graduate Student Processing Assistant for University of Southern Mississippi
McCain Library and Archives
-Assisted in the arrangement and description of manuscript and archival collections
-Worked with and organized correspondences, reports, photographs, letters, newspapers, film negatives, slides, and other materials
-Created finding aids and processed collections

Genealogist and published researcher for over 25 years
Author of Georgia Griner Family & Related Families with Royal Lineages: A Historical Documentation.
-Experienced and efficient in searching courthouses and archives for historic and government records.
-Extensive research at Family History Center in Salt Lake City; University of Georgia Archives; and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Collections researched and processed:
Mississippi County Courthouse Photographs

Ernest I. Watson Autobiography

Laurel Social and Service Club Yearbooks

James A. Bateman Papers

Mississippi Burning Collection

Ruby Mulloy Collection

Processed over 9000 slides for the Cherry Burns Collection

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimberly-rayborn-harrington-6a856314a

Scholarly Projects

Major John André Monument

Location: 31 Andre Hill Road, Tappan, NY 


Here died, October 2, 1780, Major John Andre of the British Army who, entering the American lines on a secret mission to Benedict Arnold for the surrender of West Point, was taken prisoner, tried and condemned as a spy. His death, though according to the stern Code of War, moved even his enemies to pity and both armies mourned the fate of one so young and so brave. In 1821, his remains were removed to Westminster Abbey a hundred years after his execution. This stone was placed above the spot where he lay by a citizen of the state against which he fought, not to perpetuate the record of strife but in token of those better feelings which have since united two nations one in race, in language and in religion with the earnest hope that this friendly union will never be broken.

Right Side of Monument:

Sunt Lacrymae Rerum et Mentem Mortalia Tangunt.

— Virgil Aeneid 1.462.

Back of Monument:

This property acquired November 13, 1905 by the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society preserves the identity of a place of historic interest and commemorates the fortitude of Washington and his generals in one of the crises of the American Revolution.

Left Side of Monument:

He was more unfortunate than criminal. An accomplished man and a gallant officer.

— George Washington

Picture taken December 2022

Undergraduate Senior Thesis Paper Link: Gentleman of Spy?  Contemporary Perceptions of British Officer John Andre

Undergraduate Paper Link: Dhuoda: A Woman Before Her Time  ~ About Carolingian Frankish author Dhouda (born about 800 A.D.)

Genealogy Tutorial

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