Hidden Treasures

While waiting for our new house to close in Connecticut, we stayed in the town of Lebanon, which is about 30 miles east of Hartford. This beautiful countryside with all the farms and hills was breathtaking!

The town of Lebanon surprisingly consist of almost 10,000 acres of farmland with half of that in zoned preservation.  This town also is the main supplier for the dairy and poultry industry in the state of Connecticut.  Lebanon is one of the Connecticut’s largest towns at over 55 square miles.

We chose a peaceful countryside Air Bed & Breakfast among all the beautiful farmland here. Sprawling pastures paint the countryside for unforgettable views.

Our bed & breakfast property had a chicken coup, a fat pig in a pigpen, and a bunny! Our property host gave us fresh eggs as well during our stay.

Sitting on the porch at the end of the day was a delight to enjoy the peacefulness of this countryside haven. Viewing nature can give one time to pause to reflect on our life and can help us refocus on what is most important to us.

Even though time continues to move forward, this community still retains its original agricultural culture to this day. This brief stay was what our family needed to decompress after the stress of relocating while waiting to move into our new home!

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